4 Tips to Help You Protect Your Home from Theft


According to recent statistics, there are more than two million reported home burglaries every single year in the U.S. This only represents the number of break-ins that are actually reported. If you own a home, one of your primary responsibilities is to ensure your family, home and valuables remain safe from theft and harm. The good news is, you aren’t alone. There are quite a few tools and resources you can use to better protect what you hold dear. Learn four ways to protect your home from theft here.

Use a Smaller Biometric Safe for Your Valuable Items

A biometric safe is ideal to keep your items safe, hiding and locked away. The fact is, criminals are quite clever and know what to look for when they break into a home. If you just hid your valuable items in certain parts of the home, it won’t be enough to keep them from getting stolen. You are going to have to keep items, such as laptops, jewelry, cash and other items locked away in a secure safe. You can choose to install your safe in the floor or the wall, which will make them hard to find and to get into.

Use a Vault for Bigger Items of Value

If you keep larger, high value items that need protecting or items that can’t fit into a traditional small safe at your home, then you should consider using a larger rifle safe, or even a vault. These type of large scale devices are ideal for safeguarding items that are larger. They are also virtually impenetrable and impossible to move, which enhances security further.

Install Video Cameras Inside and Outside of Your Home

A video camera, placed in a visible location, is a great way to deter would-be intruders. If someone is thinking about breaking into a home, they are going to want the path of least resistance. If there are cameras, then your home will not be this path. Also, you can check in throughout the day to see what is going on in and around your home. While you can use “dummy” cameras, a system that actually works is your best bet.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

There are a number of neighborhoods that now have a neighborhood watch program. This is great, because there will always be someone watching for suspicious activity. However, even if you don’t live in a neighborhood that offers this, you can gain peace of mind by getting to know your neighbors and asking them to watch out for your property if you are going to be away for any extended amount of time.

Safeguarding and protecting your home and valuable items doesn’t have to be difficult, but it will require some effort. Make sure to keep the tips here in mind to keep your home, family and belongings safe and secure.