5 Reasons All Homeowners should Invest in a Safe


In the past, a home safe was considered a mark of the wealthy and famous. When others imagined the contents in these safes, they often saw glistening rubies, jewelry and gold all locked securely behind the unyielding door of a massive iron-clad box with an immovable handle.

Even though safes are not a thing of the past, they have changed significantly over the years. Today, home safes are a smart and easy to access addition to any household. In addition to providing a secure location to stash valuables and other personal items, home safes are designed to fit in any size space and work with any budget. The five top reasons that every home should have a safe are found here.

There’s Been an Increase in Home Break-ins

Each year, it is estimated that more than two million homes are broken into. While it is pretty easy to replace belongings such as furniture, appliances, and televisions after a break-in, it is much harder to replace personal possessions, treasured valuables and cash.

The number of home break-ins is continuing to increase. While no one wants to think they are going to be the victim of theft, it is naive to ignore the risk entirely. The good news is, home safes provide homeowners with unparalleled protection in the event of a break-in.

Protect Valuables During a Fire

In addition to break-ins, homeowners are vulnerable to house fires. In fact, each year almost 500,000 homes are lost to file. When a fire occurs, valuables such as birth certificates, deeds, wills, photos, jewelry and cash can be lost. However, when you invest in a fireproof safe, all of these items can be protected. Keep in mind, fireproof safes are offered at different fire ratings, so be sure to consider this when making a purchase.

Protect Valuables against Water Damage

There are also safes that are sold to protect valuable items against water damage if a natural disaster or flooding occurs. These are available in a wide array of styles and sizes and are typically ranked for protection of up to 48 hours when submerged in up to 2’ of standing water.

Easily Conceal Safes for Better Security

No longer do you need a safe the size of a small mini-van. Modern safes are offered in an array of small, easily concealed options, from in-floor safes to cylindrical safes and even traditional wall safes. This makes it easy to conceal and improves the overall security of the items inside.

Keep Valuables Close to Home

If you want to ensure your valuables are safe, you can always use a safe deposit box at a bank; however, this puts the control and security of your valuable items in the hands of complete strangers. With a home safe, you can keep your valuables nearby and easily accessed while still ensuring they are safe.

Modern home safes are secure, easy to install, portable and budget-friendly. Not only do they provide superior protection for valuables, but they also provide the ideal place to store important legal documents, as well as cash. Due to their easy accessibility and incredible security, no home is complete without a quality home safe.