5 Tips to Safely Store Your Gun


In past decades, potentially dangerous objects in the home were guarded with a rather simplistic “Don’t Touch” policy. This included the stove, paint thinner, and even guns. Children and others knew these items were “off-limits” and respected the rules. While this may have worked in the past, today it is just not a smart policy to use in your own home. The fact is, if you don’t safely store your gun, it may lead to devastating consequences you never imagined could occur.

Now you have to figure out the best way to safely store your guns. The good news is, the tips here can help you get started.

Trigger Locks

These are an affordable and simple way to prevent the loading or firing of a gun by an unauthorized person. The majority of modern guns come with a trigger lock in the box. There are several options including a shoe clamp that keeps the trigger from being manipulated. Another option is a cable lock, which blocks the action of the firearm. If no dedicated gun lock is available, you can use a traditional padlock.

Gun Cases

These are available for purchase at virtually any sporting goods store and offered in a number of sizes and shapes. They are designed to fit any type of firearm available today. You can find everything from plastic containers to fabric sleeves. The cases help to protect the gun from physical damage and can be locked to take the gun from place to place. With a locked carrying case, you can also keep kids from getting access to the firearm.

Security Cases or Strong Boxes

With a security case or strongbox, you can protect your gun from physical damage and keep it out of the wrong hands. There are several options and sizes of these protective cases and boxes to choose from, which means that you can find something regardless of the type or number of guns you own.

Locking Steel Gun Cabinet

These offer additional storage and various internal configurations for those who own larger guns or more than what will fit in the typical security case or strongbox. A locking steel gun cabinet is different from a gun safe, with the main difference being the gauge of steel used. Also, there is typically no fire resistant insulation and the locking mechanism is simple. This means this type of gun storage device is ideal for keeping the guns out of the hands of your kids, but may not offer adequate protection from a burglar.

Gun Safe

This is the most secure option for storing your guns. A no-frills, basic safe is much better than any of the other options for storing a gun that have been discussed. The lined interiors and dedicated racks help protect gun’s finishes and provide an effective theft deterrent.

Regardless of how you decide to store your gun, you need to make sure it is safe and that it won’t fall into the wrong hands. Not only could this cause serious harm, it may actually leave you liable for damages and injuries that occur.