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About Sports Afield and SA Consumer Products

Sports Afield wants to help propagate the true spirit of gentle sportsmanship, to encourage indulgence in outdoor recreations, and to assist in the dissemination of knowledge regarding natural history, photography, firearms, and kindred subjects.” Claude King, magazine founder, 1889

The True Spirit of Outdoor Recreations

Sports Afield is one of those magazines that are as familiar as roasted turkey on Thanksgiving and as heartwarming as that big slice of apple pie for dessert. Sports Afield was on your father’s coffee table. It was in your grandfather’s magazine rack. It was stacked in hunting cabins across America, and read and re-read dozens of times. In its pages is the history of American sportsmanship and outdoor adventure since 1887.

SA Consumer Products conveys that spirit with every Sports Afield safe, vault, and security cabinet we sell. Well-made and stylish, Sports Afield safes are as much a part of the décor of your home as they are for its safety. In your home, at your cabin, in your lake house – wherever you store your firearms, Sports Afield is there to keep them and other valuables safe, strong, and secure.

Sports Afield. The voice of outdoor enthusiasts for over 125 years is now your trusted name in gun safes and firearm security containers.

About Our Gun Safes and Security Containers

Sports Afield emphasizes value above all, allowing you to choose your own security level depending on your needs. No matter what level you’ll choose, you’ll get one of the top performers in that category at a great value. All of our gun safes, Home/Office Fire Safes, Lightning Handgun Vaults, and Steel Security Cabinets are California DOJ-approved meet all state laws for firearm locking/child access prevention.

Add in what we believe to be the best warranty in the gun safe industry, and you’ll see why so many hunting and firearm enthusiasts are choosing Sports Afield as their gun safe of choice.

Responsible Gun Ownership Starts with Sports Afield

A safe isn’t just about protecting our guns; it’s also protecting our families. Keeping our firearms safely stowed away is just good sense. About nine out of ten unintentional shooting deaths of children happen in their own homes. Unfortunately, it’s a natural curiosity combined with a lack of training, understanding, and/or fine motor skills that leads to tragic results.

Sports Afield is a strong supporter of our Second Amendment rights, and has been since it published its first magazine over 125 years ago. But we also believe those rights come with responsibilities, especially when it comes to keeping firearms out of the hands of unsupervised children. Our gun safes meet all state Firearm Locking Device and Child Access Prevention laws, and are California DOJ-certified. Sports Afield ensures that all your firearms are organized, protected, and safely locked away.

Start Your Own Stack of Sports Afield Magazine FREE!

Each gun safe, Lightning Vault, and storage/traveling case we sell comes with a coupon for a free one-year subscription to Sports Afield magazine.

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Our Maximum Security Series gun safes are 100% forged and assembled in the USA.

Meet ULs Registered

Meet ULs Registered Security Container (RSC) and California DOJ standards as well as state firearm locking/child access prevention laws.


Meet ULs Registered Security Container (RSC) and California DOJ standards as well as state firearm locking/child access prevention laws.