Sports Afield Security Products have quickly becoming a “must have item” for many of the country’s top Sporting Goods Retailers.  Retailers are realizing the opportunity that the Sports Afield products provide! The Sports Afield line of: Gun Safes, Firearms Storage Cases, and our recently introduced line of Lightning Pistol Vaults offer Retailers both great quality and great profit opportunity.

Retailers are hungry for an alternative to the status quo in Gun Safes. They are seeking differentiated items and the opportunity they provide in a market where most everyone carries the same products. This is not so with the Sports Afield Brand.  They also recognize the Sports Afield “Brand” as a reputable, long standing name in the Sporting Goods Industry for over 125 years.

We also provide with every purchase of any Sports Afield Gun Safe, Firearms Storage Case or Pistol Vault, a “Free” 1-year subscription to Sports Afield Magazine!

Why would retailers be seeking something different in a brand of Gun Safe or other products? Why is this so? Why in what would seem is a crowded Gun Safe market; would Retailers want brand differentiation, and  something different such as the Sports Afield line of Products?

The answer is simple! We provide a better product, at a better price, with enhanced features not found in the key price points we offer. Plus, a warranty that is second to none in the industry, with a lifetime warranty on all our products. We also have a Customer Service Team, second to none, capable of resolving and assisting our valued Retailers and Consumers on any issue!

Carrying the Sports Afield line of Gun Safes, whether they be our Standard Series – 40-minute fire rating, our Professional Series – 60-minute fire rating, or our made in USA, Maximum Security Series – 90-minute fire rating, all offer such features as great door organizers, internal power outlets, with USB charging capability as well. Reinforced steel shelves, with either UL-RSC, UL or Skeleton Key Back Upped E-Locks. Yet all at price points that are lower than most our competitors who offer products without many of our features.

The Sports Afield line Firearms Storage Cases, includes our Double Rifle Case, Tactical Rifle Case, 5 Pistol, 4 Pistol, or single Pistol Case, all which also have a lifetime warranty. If they break we replace them, simple as that. Other features include being shock proof and water proof, multiple secure latches, airline safe for padlocks and approved for the transport of firearms, pressure relief valve, plus a Free 1-year subscription to Sports Afield Magazine.

Sports Afield “Lightning” Pistol Vaults were just recently introduced into the market place, with a great reception!  Our 4 Models represent the top selling styles on the market! Also featuring our lifetime hassle free warranty and Free 1-year subscription to Sports Afield Magazine, and most important competitive pricing below the industry leader and others in the market; will mean further success for these products!

If you are seriously interested in an opportunity to begin a successful business relationship with our brand and products, fill out and send the form below or contact me, Jim Schleiter, VP of Sales via Lisa King at 888-792-4264 x701; email: