The Best Accessories for Your Gun Safe


If you have made the decision to purchase a gun safe, you have taken a step in the right direction regarding protecting yourself and others. However, no safe is really complete if you don’t purchase and use the right accessories. There are many accessories that will complement the storage and security of your new safe. Regardless of the size of the safe you have purchased, there are a number of accessories you can purchase and use.

Keep in mind, when you invest in a gun safe, you are also investing in the preservation of the safe’s contents. External damages are not the only threats to your gun safe, as well as the valuables inside. Some useful, safe accessories you should consider purchasing are found here.


There are an array of dehumidifiers for gun safes, but the basic function is the same – to get rid of the excessive moisture that may build up inside the safe. A dehumidifier will provide a consistent, low temperature to keep your guns and the other valuables inside protected. Some dehumidifiers can let you know when it has become saturated and needs to be reactivated. This is an important accessory that will minimize the potential of condensation, mildew, and rust, which can all degrade your valuable items.

Door Panel Kits

To expand the storage in your safe, consider installing a door panel kit. These are mad to store handguns, without having to drill into anything. If you have handguns, as well as larger guns and ammunition, along with other items, it is quite beneficial to have extra storage space on the backside of the door. There are some door panel kits that simply Velcro to the door, making it easy to expand the storage present.

Security Light

This is a light that you can easily and quickly mount right above the lock on your safe. If you are trying to access the safe in low light or at night, it can be extremely beneficial. Some security lights attach magnetically to the safe’s door and that have automatic cycles to turn the light off after a specific amount of time. These types of lights are extremely helpful in many situations. All you have to do is push a button to turn the light on, which will allow you to quickly get into it.

As you can see, there are more than a few accessories available for your gun safe. Take some time to browse the options to figure out which ones would be beneficial for you. In most cases, these accessories are going to enhance the ability and benefits offered by your safe.