Bolting Your Safe Down: Is it Really Necessary?


Protecting your weapons and ensuring they are stored safely is an important part of owning a gun. Having a quality gun safe is just part of this and one way to make sure that everything remains secure is to bolt your safe, regardless of size, to the floor or another solid surface. When you bolt the safe down, it will make it less vulnerable to theft. This also represents a great, extra security step.

There are several ways a person may breach a safe. However, if you have a small or medium sized safe, it is common for them to be tipped and taken away. The majority of quality safes are sold with a bolt hole in the base, which allows you to anchor it to the floor or ground. When you are shopping for a safe, make sure to consider how you can improve the security. An anchor is invaluable to this and a sign of quality construction.

Preventing Theft

The main reason you should bolt a safe to the ground or to some other surface is to help prevent the safe being stolen, as well as what is inside it. In many cases, your safe isn’t going to be cracked while it is still in your home. They will be taken with the intruder and opened at another location. The good news is, modern safe technology is something that has advanced quite a bit and a larger safe, such as a rifle safe, is almost impossible to remove from the property without any type of dedicated moving equipment, as well as quite a bit of help.

With more and more safes being designed with anchor points, even the smaller models, the construction of the safe, as well as the technology used makes them much more difficult to breach. Other features, such as fire resistance and bio-metric technology compliment the anchoring, and help guard against breaches and theft.

High Quality Safe Construction

In most cases, the main element that determines if you are purchasing a high or low quality safe is the metal it is made of. The metal’s thickness is going to say quite a bit about how secure the safe actually is, and affect how much it costs. When reinforced steel plates are used in the construction of the safe, they will help to stand up against almost any forced entry attempt, while increasing the safe’s weight to deter someone who may want to remove it from the property.

Also, a higher end safe is going to have an interlocking deadbolt system that will safeguard against breaches. In regarding to anchoring, a quality safe will have a hole in the base so you can anchor it to concrete or wood. For smaller and lighter safes, this is also an important feature, because these safes are much easier to remove from the location and transport. If a theft does occur, an anchored safe will present the burglar with an obstacle that will take time to overcome. Most will give up and move on.

As you can see, purchasing a safe that gives you the ability to anchor it to something is best. It will help reduce the chance of your valuables, or your safe itself, being stolen.