Customer Service is the Name of the Game!


My name is Cris Perkins. Jeff Fisher and I are the Customer Service Representatives for Sports Afield Safes. The title to this article may sound corny but it is true. Jeff and I have one main goal when working with our customers. We want you to walk away satisfied that we have done everything that we can to make your experience a good one.

My family has been in the sporting goods industry for over 40 years. I have been as well since 2002, dealing primarily with factories and salesmen. In the year since joining SA Products I have flipped sides and now deal primarily with customers. It has been a very enjoyable change.

On those rare occasions when safes are shipped back I am able to look over the shoulders of our techs and see how to make a repair. This certainly is an asset when I am working with you. I know what I am talking about!

There are a number of ways to contact us. The best means to contact us is email at or on our Contact page. You are also able to call us at 888-792-4264. One of the first things we will ask is if you have registered your safe for the warranty. For faster service make sure this is already done. To register go to (placeholder for link).   If you have more than an inquiry, we will ask for all the details. Often we can send out parts that you are able to replace yourself. The great thing is, this is an easy process. For the less technically inclined, I just want to say if I can make a repair, you certainly can. If the question is really technical, I have Jeff who is a “whiz” at all things technical. Also, since we have direct contact with the factory, when customers call in with suggestions, we are able to implement minor changes.

Since problems sometimes do arise, and for someone not comfortable with making repairs, we are able to use local locksmiths who can help. I know from talking to customers it can be a bit stressful when they’re having difficulties with their safe. We try to make this as easy as possible on you. We work swiftly and professionally to resolve issues to your satisfaction. That we guarantee!

If you need to contact me my email is Please don’t hesitate to use it.