Customer Service That Cannot Be Beat!


And that is the truth!  My name is Jeff Fisher and I am the Customer Service Manager here in Fife Washington for SA Products that sells Sports Afield Safes.   My co-worker Cris Perkins and I enjoy helping our Sports Afield Customer with their safes. I have been at this now for Sports Afield a year and a half and Cris has been here since September 2015 and together we are here to serve you our customers.

My back ground is mechanical. I’m retired from the U.S. Coast Guard after 30 great years as a marine diesel mechanic. I understand how things work! That back ground and training helps when I talk to a customer that is describing a problem to me over the phone. I need to build a mental picture in my head so that I can trouble shoot correctly.  I also spent a year and a half on a retail floor selling safes. We carried Sports Afield safes and a variety of other popular known brands. I know how Sports Afield compares to the other brands. Some of the other brands have nice features that Sports Afield does not have. But!  Sports Afield safes have features that the other brands do not have. Ask me! I would be happy to tell you about them.

Hey, occasionally things happen, and if so I have a well stocked supply of safe parts here in my office.   I am well stocked only to save time shipping out to you the customer and not waiting to ship from our state-of-the-art-factory in China. I can mail the needed part out in that same day.  Remember we have the best warranty in the industry and our replacement parts are OEM and are no cost to you the customer. I also have instructions that accompany the replacement parts that explain how to install them into the safe.  All our customers have been successful installing the replacement parts and happy that it was very simple to do. If you are not inclined to make the repairs yourself then I’m happy to have a locksmith do it, just a reminder that it might take a little longer because of a locksmith schedule.

Please if you have any questions or are having a problem with you safe email me at or call me at 888-792-4264. To keep things moving at a swift past have your safe already registered. Thank you and I look forward to answering any questions,