Debunking Common Gun Safe Myths


Owning a firearm is an important responsibility. To safeguard your gun, yourself and others, you need to have a quality gun safe to store your gun securely. Unfortunately, quite a few myths are floating around out there about gun safes that may deter you from making an investment in this type of safe. Here, some of the most common myths related to gun safes are debunked.

Myth: All gun safes offer the same level of protection.

The fact is, gun safes offer varying degrees of safety. These safety differences are typically related to the steel that is used to construct the safe, as well as the overall design. The gun safes that provide the highest level of security are the ones that are constructed with American-made, heavy-duty steel that has met strict standards and requirements. Some manufacturers use extremely thin sheets of thinner gauge steel or other types of metal. This results in a gun safe that is less expensive, but not as secure or durable.

Myth: Most burglaries occur at night.

The fact is, most burglars wait to break into a home when it is most likely that no one will be home. This means that they try to access the property between the hours of 10 in the morning to three in the afternoon. This is when most people are running errands, at school or work. It is also not uncommon for thieves to rob or break into a home when they are familiar with the residents, their day to day schedules or the layout of the property, which includes where their gun safe is located.

Myth: It doesn’t matter where you put your safe.

It is important that you really think about where you place your safe. In addition to keeping it out of sight for aesthetic purposes, you also want to remember that if it is easy to find, it may compromise the overall security of your guns safe. Be sure that you put it in a location where it will remain safe from hazards, such as fires, floods and, of course, burglars. Some locations to consider storing your gun safe include a location with a concrete slab, basements that have low humidity, or the first floor if a home in an office or bedroom.

Myth: You can safely store a loaded weapon in your gun safe.

Several dangerous scenarios may occur if you store a loaded gun in your safe. For example, you may forget that it is loaded and injure or kill yourself or someone else. Or, someone in your home may access the safe and hurt someone else because they were not aware the gun was loaded. The best way to avoid these types of unfortunate situations is to never store a loaded gun in your gun safe.

When you understand the truth and facts about gun safes, you can easily store your guns and keep them safe from would-be thieves.