How to File a Damage Claim for Your Sports Afield Gun Safe


When selecting a Sports Afield Gun Safe, you have a durable way to safeguard your valuable belongings. Sports Afield gun safes are built to last a lifetime.  However, the locking mechanism used with our safes has precision parts.  If you find it is difficult to open or close the safe, then you should never force the handle.  If the handle is abused or forced, then it may jam the lock components.  A safe technician may need to be called to unlock the safe or a damage claim needs to be filed.

If you notice that your Sports Afield gun safe is damaged or no longer works properly, please call the Sports Afield Customer Service Department at 888-792-4264 or email us at

Register Your New Safe

When you purchase a Sports Afield gun safe, the first thing you need to do is to register it. You can do this at the website. Simply follow the link located on the homepage at You can also contact us directly by phone using our toll free number – 888-792-4264.

Understanding the Limited Lifetime Attack Warranty

If your safe is damaged because of a forced attack, forced entry, fire or natural flood at any point during the lifetime of the safe, then it will be replaced by Sports Afield. The warranty excludes anything inside the safe and only applies to the safe itself. Also, to receive a replacement, you have to provide evidence of the misfortune that occurred. Other must-have items include a copy of the sales receipt and proof of registration.

Keep in mind, the company retains the right to deny a damage claim if it is believed the safe was not used in a proper manner. If the safe is able to be repaired, then repair is opted for over replacement.

Do You Have a Claim?

It is important to carefully review the warranty stipulations if you are going to file a damage claim.  Please contact the Sports Afield Safes Customer Service Department with any questions regarding our warranty of any issues regarding your safe at our toll free phone number – 888-792-4264 or via email at