Firearm Safety Tips for Your Home


It is your right to own a gun and keep it in your home. However, if you have children, you need to make sure that it is always safely stored and put away. The fact is, almost all the firearm accidents that occur in the home are able to be prevented when a gun owner takes simple precautions. If you are going to own a firearm, you need to respect it and ensure it is secure at all times when it isn’t being used. This can help prevent firearm misuse and accidents.

Pointing the Gun

It is important to make sure that you keep the firearm’s muzzle pointed down or in another safe direction. This means the gun is pointed in a way that even if an accidental discharge happened, it would not result in anyone being injured.

Don’t Touch the Trigger

Don’t put your finger close to or on the trigger of the gun until you are ready to fire it. When you handle a gun, make sure you place your finger outside of the gun’s trigger guard, or on the gun’s side. Don’t ever touch the gun’s trigger until you have aimed the gun and are ready to fire.

Unload the Firearm

If you are not using the firearm, it needs to be unloaded. When you pick up your gun to remove it or put it back in storage, make sure that you point it in a safe direction and always double check to see if it is unloaded.

Learn How to Use the Gun Safely

Make sure that you know how your firearm operates. Read the manual that came with it and know how to safely close and open the firearm’s action to safely remove ammunition from the gun and the magazine.

Store the Gun Safely

Make sure to stow your guns in a locked safe, cabinet, storage case, or gun vault when it isn’t being used. Make sure that the gun is also placed in a location that is not accessible to children and that the gun is not handled by anyone unless they have your permission.

Utilize a Gun Locking Device

There are several different types of gun locking devices to consider. The goal is to find one that ensures the gun is inoperable when it is not being used. Make sure to use a gun lock as an extra safety precaution, and not as an alternative to secure storage.

Educate Your Family

You need to make sure that everyone in your home, especially children, understand the safety guidelines and rules related to your gun. There are several resources that can help you talk to young children about guns in a way they will understand what is being said and why they don’t ever need to touch the gun.

When you use the tips here, you can have peace of mind that your gun is safe and secure in your home. Not only will it be available when you need it, but you can also avoid any unexpected accidents or injuries.