Frequently Asked Questions about Gun Safes


If you own guns, having a gun safe is the smart and responsible thing to do. However, when it is time to make this purchase, you may find all the options, types and features a bit confusing. Before you dive in and purchase a safe based on name brand or price alone, make sure to review some of the most frequently asked questions found here.

Are all gun safes the same?

This may seem obvious, but the answer is no, gun safes come in all different sizes and with many different features. However, before you make a purchase, you need to think about what models also offer burglary and fire protection. Other considerations include the fire rating, gun capacity, steel gauge, bolt size, number of bolts, type of lock, door organization, type of handle.  Does the safe come with an audible Theft Alert Alarm?

How Important is the Gun Safe Warranty?

Very simply, the stronger the warranty, the more your investment is protected.  Look for a safe with a Lifetime Warranty covering damage from theft, fire damage, natural flood damage, parts, paint and locks.  Look for a warranty that offers free locksmith service if ever locked out of the gun safe.  Look for a warranty that offers free shipment of the replacement gun safe.

Sports Afield gun safes are the only gun safes manufactured today that offer all of the above warranty elements.  Simply put – Sports Afield gun safes offer the best and most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the gun safe industry.

Are fireproof safes enough for protecting your guns?

A simple fireproof safe will not provide little safeguard against burglary. Waterproof and fireproof gun safes provide protection from water, heat, and smoke. They can protect more delicate documents such as cash, but if they are made of thin metal, then the safe is a target for burglars. You have to find a safe that is designed to protect against forced entry.

What should you look for before you purchase a safe?

Theft and fire protection are important, but they are not exclusive. This means you need to consider what you are storing inside and its value. It is best to invest in a quality safe that provides the features you need, rather than choosing the least expensive option you can find.

How Much Safe Space Do You Need to Store Your Valuables?

The number one complaint about the recent safe purchase – I should have bought a bigger safe!!!  Storage space in your safe fills up very quickly.  Family members will want to store their valuables in your safe – always happens.  Try to buy a safe large enough to accommodate more valuables that you and your family will accumulate in the future.  

What type of door is needed for a safe?

If you want the contents of your safe to survive a fire, then a simple floor safe is not enough. Even though a floor safe offers protection, they are not fire resistant because the bottom is typically quite thin. A concrete fire safe is a better option since they don’t allow fire to enter easily and offer complete protection.

Where should you place the safe?

If you don’t have a burglar alarm system in your home, it may be challenging to figure out where to install your gun safe. There are a few things to consider. Place the safe where you are going to use it. If it is hard to access, chances are you won’t bother. Also, find a location that can adequately support the safe selected.

Having a gun safe allows you to safely store your firearms, as well as other collectible and valuable items. However, choosing the right one is important. With the FAQs here, you can begin your search and know what to look for.