The Ins and Outs of Moving a Safe


Do you have plans to move your safe? Have you just purchased a new one and need to get it in the right location? Are you moving it from one room to another? Regardless of your reasons for moving a safe, you may be scratching your head a bit regarding how to handle the process. After all, if you opted for a larger model, it may be well over one thousand pounds.

The good news is, you don’t have to strap it to your back and “make it work.” There are a few helpful tips and bits of information that can make the safe moving process easier and less complicated.

First Things First: Why are Safe’s so Heavy?

In many situations, larger safes aren’t going to be attached to the floor or wall. Instead, it is just placed on the ground. The thick door and tech-advanced locking mechanism are what help to keep thieves at bay. However, this isn’t going to do any good if the safe can be easily picked up, by a single person, and hauled out the front door. When someone breaks into your home, they are going to be searching for an “easy target.” If you have a large, heavy safe, this isn’t going to be it.

Not only will your safe be much safer due to the weight, the items that go in it are also heavy. It requires quite a bit of strength for it to be completely impenetrable. Thanks to the tough exterior and locking mechanisms present, your safe is quite heavy.

Transporting and Moving Your Safe

It can be difficult to get (even a smaller) safe to a new home. Before ordering anything, make sure you find where you want to put it. It is best to try and avoid having to move it any more than is absolutely necessary. If you do need to move it, make sure you have the necessary resources for the job to be done properly and safely (for both you, and the safe).

  • Use a furniture dolly
  • Ask family and friends for assistance with the move
  • Plan out a strategy for moving the safe to its new location ahead of time (don’t wing it)
  • Make sure you protect the walls and floors (remember, safes are heavy and can cause quite a bit of damage if you aren’t careful)
  • Safety first

As you can see, it isn’t impossible to move a safe once you have it in your home; however, you will need to go about it the right way. Gathering the needed supplies and people for help is the best way to ensure the move is successful.