Sometimes one level of protection is just not enough. Like a white tails’ bedding area is located deep within a thicket inside their home range, the Sanctuary series of home and office safes assures protection for even the most valuable of documents and collectibles by adding a second fire rated enclosure within the walls of these best in class fire safes so you can rest easy.Not only gun collectors need full size fire safes. Whether you are a collector of comics, coins, fine jewelry, or just need a extra secure place for documents and media, the Sanctuary Series features a fully insulated interior fireproof cabinet that provides increased protection for even the most valuable of items. Truly a safe within a safe. Featuring heavy gauge steel casing and large 1.5” locking bolts, this safe shines in fire protection with a fire rating of 75 minutes at a blistering 1400°F for the main area and 120min for the interior cabinet. In addition our proprietary Triple Seal maintains a waterproof seal for a full 7 days up to 2ft of water, keeping your valuables safe and dry even if you come back to a flooded basement after a family vacation. No detail has been overlooked; this series features a UL outlet and deluxe door organizer with insulated document pockets.

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