In the military every precaution is taken to assure the safety of its equipment and personnel. This is most evident in fortifying a landing zone for aircrafts, commonly known as an “LZ”. The Tactical LZ series of tactical gun safes provide total flexibility, accessibility and protection for both your weapons and your gear.
Building a personal defense strategy is not an easy task and certainly not a cheap one. Protect your investment and your family with the Tactical LZ series of safes. Designed around the premise of form follows function, organization and at the ready storage takes center stage. Movable elastomer coated wire gun rests and plastic hanging accessory totes give endless configuration options. Reinforced and adjustable shelves can hold any size of accessories or ammunition. The doors molle panel also allows for an array of molle style accessories to be used in conjunction with the removable handgun holsters. Door mounted long gun slots on the door panel make quick access to your most trusted shotgun or MSR in a time of need. An impressive package not to mention that is safe is fire rated for 40min at 1200oF fire rating and waterproof making this a must have for any tactical enthusiast.

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