How Robbers May Unlock Your Gun Safe: Tips to Protect Yourself


If you are ever concerned you may lock yourself out of your gun safe, or if you are curious about how a thief may get into one, you will find the information here helpful. The fact is, gun owners often make mistakes regarding how they store their firearm, which can lead to a robber having easy access to it.

Common Mistakes Made by Gun Safes

Believe it or not, there are steps you can take to prevent a gun robbery. Too many gun owners assume their safe is just too heavy to steal, that the safe is intimidating to robbers or that their valuables have been hidden too well to be found.

In most cases, the gun safe will be taken from the home or business and then pried open at a different location. One method you can use to keep this from happening is to anchor the safe to a solid surface, so it is harder, or completely impossible, for a thief to take the entire safe. Gun safes are not intimidating to a thief. In most cases, they will be looking for something like a safe because this holds monetary value, considering what is usually stored inside.

Unlocking a Gun Safe

Just like with the doors on your vehicle, a gun safe can be broken into with an array of materials. Even if you have locked the safe and only you have the code or key, everyday items such as paper clips, straws and even a bit of a shake can result in a robber getting inside. There are countless robbery videos that show a thief taking the safe, jumping on it or shaking it open. By taking preventative steps, such as sealing it or anchoring it to a solid surface, it may be easier to stop a gun thief.

Ensuring Your Gun Safe Remains Safe

Think about the size of the gun safe you have and where it would fit. Is there a place where it would be hidden from would-be robbers? When selecting your lock, you need to have something more than a basic combination lock. Options include digital or biometric locks, which may help to safe you from being robbed. Also, think about the safe’s doors. If there are hinges on the outside, it is going to be much easier to break into it. Add an extra layer of protection by bolting the door, but only do this if you know what you are doing.

When it comes to protecting your gun safe and everything inside, you have to think like a robber. When you do, you can safeguard yourself from a devastating loss. Keep in mind, a gun safe is better than no protection, but you do have to take additional steps to safeguard it, as this will ensure you don’t suffer serious losses.