Why is a Sports Afield Gun Safe with Theft Alert Alarm a Great Idea?


Owning a gun safe can keep your guns and valuable items safe and out of the wrong hands. However, no safe is completely impermeable. Given the opportunity, even the most secure safe may be able to be opened without the key or combination. If this happens, you may find that your items are taken or that your guns are used for nefarious purposes.

If you are worried about someone breaking into your gun safe, even though the safe may have a high-quality lock on it, then you may want to consider purchasing a Sports Afield Gun Safe with Theft Alert Alarm.

Sports Afield Gun Safes are the only gun safes sold today that offer a Theft Alert Alarm.

There are several benefits offered by this.

Deter a Potential Thief

There are studies that have shown that when some type of security alarm is present and sounds during an attack, intruders or burglars run from the scene.  If you purchase a Sports Afield Gun Safe with Theft Alert Alarm, make sure you have stickers or some other type of signage near the safe letting a potential thief know about the alarm. In many cases, this will be enough to change their mind.

Protect Your Valuable Items

If an attempted break-in to your gun safe occurs, then the Theft Alert Alarm on your Sports Afield Gun Safe will go off. In many cases, just the sound of the alarm is enough to ward off burglars. You can choose to have a monitored alarm installed throughout your home or business.  In this case, the alarm company will alert the authorities to the issue and send them out to ensure your items are not taken.

Reduce Insurance Costs

There are quite a few insurers that provide discounts for security devices and technology, such as a theft alert alarm on your gun safe. Not only does this reduce the potential of your extremely expensive items being stolen, but it ensures your guns don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Peace of Mind

Chances are you can’t even imagine your valuable items and assets being taken away. However, if you don’t take steps to safeguard them, this may occur. While a lockable gun safe is a great first step, you can enhance the security of it further by purchasing a Sports Afield Gun Safe a Theft Alert Alarm. With this in place, you can have peace of mind that your valuable items and guns are safe and secure from intruders or anyone else.

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits offered by purchasing a Sports Afield Gun Safe with Theft Alert Alarm. Regardless of what you keep in your safe, you need to make sure it is protected as much as possible. While gun safes offer a high level of protection, a Sports Afield Gun Safe with Theft Alert Alarm helps to increase protection, security and peace of mind.