SA6040 Sports Afield Gun Safe 5 Star Review!



Great recent 5 Star review of our SA6040 40 + 8 gun safe! On sale now for a very affordable $799 at Costco Online until 8/27/2017.

★★★★★★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

Best safe for the price!! Secure and tight!

For a long while I have only owned a couple guns and could afford to keep them all in individual cases. About 2 yrs ago I added enough guns that I needed a safe. I did A LOT for research and comparisons. I watched many Youtube videos from Liberty safes, etc to find out what you are supposed to look for. For $800 this is a heck of a deal! Well constructed! I took an extensive look at one of these in the store before purchase, following the guidelines from all the name brand safe companies. I am Active Duty military and have extensive knowledge of weaponry and care.

A few examples. Many cheaper safe companies will place huge bolts on the rim of the door but do not give enough strength to the hinges and levers. This safe has all the meat and guts you need inside the door and on the bolts to keep people out!

Gaps around the door. Your safe is pretty useless if the gap around the door is large enough for a burglar to get a crow bar in there and gain enough leverage to pry the door open. This safe has very small gaps. My crow bars and screwdrivers cannot get into those gaps.

Most safe companies do not have a sleeve in the door to put hand guns and equipment. If they do, you will generally pay over $1500.

The built in electrical is an awesome feature! I was able to simply plug in my little space heater. This is very important in humid or wet climates to keep your guns from rusting or corroding inside the safe. The space heater keeps it dry. With most other safes you have to either drill a hole into your safe (defeating the fire protection), or some other more intrusive methods.

I will add the same caveat and lesson I heard in all the youdube videos I watch. Any safe can be broken into provided enough skill and time. With that said, Besides the basics, with every added feature of protection you add second or minutes to your security. Meaning that it takes that much longer for a safe to be opened. Liberty safes are expensive because they put a lot into their safes to make it much tougher for bad guys to get into. I just cannot afford one of those.

I have owned this safe for 2 years now and have been very pleased!!

 Yes,  I recommend this product.