Tips for Storing Your Valuable Possessions and Heirlooms in Your Home


If you have already taken the proper steps to protect your home from burglary, why not go a bit further and provide a security upgrade for your most precious belongings? Doing this means you can rest assured that your most precious family heirlooms and other valuable items are safe and secure.

The good news is, this process is actually pretty easy. Some tips to help you get started are found here.

Invest in a Safe

When you think of a safe, you may imagine a bank vault that features countless gears and levers; however, this is not the type of safe you would use in your home. You can find a basic and sturdy home safe for around $60 for keeping your jewelry, documents, and cash safe. If you have guns, you can upgrade the safe further and choose a gun safe.

A helpful tip is to look for a safe that has been UL certified for protection against fire and water damage, in addition to theft.

Tape Envelopes Behind a Painting or Picture

While this may seem like a trick from the movies, it is still effective. This is especially true if you have quite a few pictures or paintings on your walls. You just need to make sure that your painting is hung properly so it doesn’t stand out and give away your hidden secret.

Invest in Motion/Movement Detectors

If you have quite a few heirlooms and valuable items in your home, it may be a good idea to invest in motion or movement detectors as an extension to your burglar alarm. This will alert you, or the authorities to movement in your home. While this may seem like something out of a James Bond movie, these high-tech security devices are real and can help you safeguard items in your home that are valuable, but unable to be stored in a safe.

Use a Fake Outlet

You can have fake outlets installed in your wall, which are actually safes that just look like an outlet. This is an affordable way to safeguard your smaller valuable items. You can put cash, jewelry, and other items in this safe and have peace of mind that if a burglar were to come into your home, they wouldn’t find your belongings.

There is no such thing as being too safe. Even if you don’t have things in your home that are worth a lot of money, they may be sentimentally valuable to you and your family. In any case, you want to ensure these items are protected at all times. While storing the items in a quality safe is one of the best ways to do this, there are other effective methods you can use, as well.