Tips for Long-Term Gun Storage


In case there is an emergency, it is always nice to know your gun is present and ready to help protect you and your family. However, you also know that to be present in that capacity, your gun must be maintained and kept safe from young hands – or those who may want to steal it. Finding a balance between practicality and convenience is challenging and one that all gun owners face.

To meet this challenge, it is necessary to plan and then implement appropriate storage procedures. When you have a plan, it can help you ensure proper function, safety and security for your guns for years to come.

The Importance of Proper Storage

Before you develop a storage plan, it may be a good idea to learn why storing your gun properly is so important. Some of the main reasons include:

  • To protect your family. Children should never have access to a gun.
  • To maintain the look and integrity of the gun. While guns are tools, it is still preferred by most to keep them looking nice.
  • To ensure the gun is accessible when it is needed, without making it so accessible that theft is likely.

Pre-Treating Your Firearm

Before putting your gun in storage, for any length of time, it is a good idea to ensure it is ready. To pre-treat your firearm, do the following:

  • Take the gun apart.
  • Leave it uncocked to avoid spring tension and damage to other components.
  • Inspect the gun carefully for pits in the muzzle, cracks or other signs of damage. If you notice any, have the gun inspected by a professional before firing it again.
  • Clean the gun carefully. Certain components such as plastic, lead and copper will attract moisture and over time deteriorate. You should use an ammonia free cleaner to ensure the gun remains dry. Remove all lings and clean the swivels, which are rust-prone if not maintained.
  • Clean out the gun completely and apply a thin layer of lubrication.
  • Treat wood stocks with a thin coating of wax.

Storing Your Gun

Once the gun has been treated, it is time to get it into storage. To store your gun effectively, do the following:

  • Purchase a high-quality gun safe that can be accessed quickly, but that will remain secure and safe.
  • Consider armored cable locks or trigger locks to ensure the gun is not fired accidently.
  • Use a gun storage bag to protect from corrosion, dust and dirt.
  • For long guns, store them with the barrel down to prevent the oil from seeping into the stock.

Regardless of if you have one gun or 20, keeping them safe, secure and in good condition is a must. Finding the right gun safe is an important part of that, so make sure to keep this in mind.