Tips for Maintaining Your Safe


Investing in a home safe is a smart move. In fact, a quality made safe can offer you years and years of security for your personal items and valuables. Since most safes represent somewhat of an investment, you likely want to do whatever you can to maximize its life. In order to do this, you will need to learn about maintaining your safe, both on the inside and the outside.

To maintain a safe you will have to give attention to how the operating mechanisms function and clean both the exterior and interior of the safe. If there are any issues with the locks, you should have a professional repair it to ensure the safe remains secure.

Maintenance Considerations

Any safe that is worth the investment are going to be extremely resilient. However, there are still a few considerations you need to make regarding maintenance. While security is the top priority, you need to keep the safe itself in good working condition. Use the tips here to do just that.

Clean the Safe Monthly

Generally speaking, you need to clean your safe thoroughly one time a month. This should include removing any and all dirt and dust that has settled on the safe’s exterior, and along the locks, handles, cracks and edges. To do this, use a non-abrasive, soft cloth to clean the safe’s exterior. This is especially important if the safe has a powdered, textured or gloss coat finish. If you use something abrasive, it may scratch the finish. It is also a good idea to dampen the cloth to remove all dirt or dust present. Don’t ever use any type of metal solvent or polish on the handle or locks since these parts of the safe usually have a coating to prevent tarnishing.

Oil the Lock Bolts Annually

Be sure to apply a tiny amount of grease to the bottom and front side of the locking bolts once a year to make sure they continue functioning properly. This will also help prevent cases of the lock sticking or becoming jammed. This is considered minor maintenance and something that should be done when you think it is necessary. It is also wise to examine the bolts used to lock the safe occasionally to determine if they need more oil to continue opening and closing smoothly.

Call the Professionals to Service the Lock at Least Once a Year

The lock is, perhaps, the most important component on your safe. If the lock is not reliable, then you safe is essentially just a big, heavy box that is unsecured. Since the lock is so important, it is a good idea to have it inspected and serviced, if needed, by a professional at least one time a year. In some cases, this won’t be necessary, but you need to make sure that the lock is always in good, working condition. The majority of quality safes will be sold with a warranty, which means that these annual inspections may be covered if there is an issue present.

Maintaining your safe using the tips and information above will help you keep it in good, working condition, year after year.