Tips for Storing Guns in an Apartment


There are countless people, all around the USA who enjoy the ability to exercise their right to bear arms. However, with this right also comes great responsibility. It is essential for you to ensure that the guns you own are secured properly for everyone’s safety, especially if there are children in your apartment or the building. If you own guns and live in an apartment, here are some helpful tips that will make sure the guns are secure and safe and that they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Buy  a Gun Safe for Your Apartment

The absolute safest and most secure way to store guns in an apartment is to place them in a locked gun safe. The average gun owner can easily afford a gun safe and even the most affordable options have many benefits over other methods of storing guns. For those who live in an apartment, you need to remember that many gun safes are heavy. In fact, some of the larger safes weigh several thousands of pounds, which can put a tremendous amount of stress on an upper level in an apartment. This means that it is best for you to choose a smaller gun safe option to secure your guns to minimize the possibility of damage.

Secure Your Safe

While some gun safes weigh thousands of pounds, there are others that are small enough to be easily picked up and carried off by a criminal. To minimize the potential, this is going to happen with smaller, lighter safes you need to secure it by bolting it to the floor or wall. Even though criminals may see the safe, it is going to take them time and quite a bit of effort to get it unbolted from the floor. Even the most determined criminals understand that the clock is ticking and will likely leave the safe alone.

If you are worried about the possibility of damage to the apartment, it usually doesn’t take much more than a bit of spackle or pulling back some carpet to fix where the safe was bolted down.

Hiding Your Guns

While there is the option to just hide your guns somewhere in your apartment, this doesn’t offer the same level of protection or security that a gun safe does. However, this is better than nothing. Using a false container in the pantry offers a smart place to hide your guns. Other options include hiding the guns in garment bags or hat boxes.

Choose a Smart Location

Try to avoid hiding your guns in a location where a thief would look, such as under or in mattresses or bedroom drawers. If you do use a lighter gun safe, heed the earlier advice and bolt it to the floor. Also, always move the combination dial far from the correct numbers, so access is challenging.

There is no reason you should not have guns when you live in an apartment. However, if you choose to do this, it is your responsibility to ensure they are safe and secure.