Do I need to register my Sports Afield security product?

No, it is not a requirement of ownership. However, if you ever have to make a claim under your warranty, registration will help make the process go more smoothly for… Read More

Are instructions included with my safe/vault/case?

Yes, all Sports Afield security containers include full instructions. If you have any questions, you may contact us anytime. Read More

I heard that I get a free subscription to Sports Afield. Is that correct?

Yes, everyone who purchases a Sports Afield gun safe, Lightning Vault, or storage/traveling case receives a free one-year subscription to Sports Afield, the magazine that inspired our line of security… Read More

Are the doors removable?

The doors are not built to be removed – in fact they are built specifically NOT to be removed. Any attempt to remove the doors could result in damage to… Read More

What are the USB ports for?

These are for charging electronics such as a phone or tablet only. Read More

What can I use the electrical outlets for?

These are provided for your convenience to run a dehumidifier, power a light kit (included or your own), or to charge a phone, computer, or other electronics. Read More

How often should I change the batteries in my electronic lock?

As with all electronic devices that run on batteries, duration depends directly on the amount of use. We recommend that you change them every six months (when you change your… Read More